“District 31”: a bomb before the Holidays

«District 31»: une bombe avant les Fêtes

BLOG / Seems that I hold the palm in the number of mentions of “District 31”, depending on the Measuring Media. Must say that Luc Dionne I was often given the opportunity to comment on his intrigues, which we have once again held in the breath of autumn.

I watched yesterday the 300th episode, you will see this evening (Thursday) at 19h, on ICI Radio-Canada Télé, the last before the Holidays. The author had announced a bomb, let’s say that there are heads that will roll. Why? Don’t count on me to burn the punch, but Luc Dionne doesn’t prolong the suspense much longer; you’ll know pretty early in the episode, at least for one of the victims. It’s buttock. And it’s going to be chatting during the Holiday season.

This fall season, where the District 31 has dominated the charts of the listening, has been marked by investigations on the death of Leopold Jean and Christian Phaneuf, and on the captivity of Charlene Baribeau (Sophie Desmarais) in the basement of Yanick Dubeau (Patrice Godin), the false kind of the police station. Tonight’s episode does not loop anything, quite the contrary. The much-anticipated return of Patrick Bissonnette (Vincent-Guillaume Otis) took place earlier than thought, in the beginning of the week, even if it has often been a question of him during the fall. Remains to be seen if Daniel Chiasson (Gildor Roy) and his good friend Laurent Cloutier (Patrick Labbé) will be unmasked. And if Gabrielle Simard (Geneviève Brouillette) is also transparent that it suggests…

In the week of December 3, District 31 has gained an average of 1 512 000 followers, a feat for a daily. In the week of 26 November, 1 596 000 were at the rendezvous.

The series will return on Monday 7 January at 19h.

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