Dallaire risk a heavy penalty

Dallaire risque une lourde peine

Michael Dallaire, Jonquière, faces a long prison sentence if he is convicted of being in possession of a weapon of .22 caliber, which is loaded to block without holding the permit to possess and transport a firearm.

The individual 35 years of age was arrested on December 10, 2018 while riding in the streets of Saguenay. The police officers of the police Service of Saguenay (SPS) have intercepted the vehicle in which was Dallaire due to her driving erratically.

Arrived at the height of the driver’s side door, the patrol spotted a bag of marijuana and a methamphetamine on the individual.

According to information, the police have specified that Dallaire, that they recognized, was then in a state of arrest.

Michael Dallaire told them that the drugs belonged to him and that they didn’t have to take it away.

The agents were asked what kind of vehicle. Once outside, the man with the massive shape and size is stiffened.

When he was brought to the ground, he mentioned to the officers to be careful and that he had a loaded firearm in the vehicle, about as Dallaire now claims to have never held.

After you have mastered the man with the long history of judicial, police, Saguenay, proceeded to search the vehicle and found the .22 calibre firearm, which was in charge of nine balls. Officers also found a bag containing more than 60 bullets for the same caliber.

In addition to the marijuana and methamphetamine, the search has resulted in finding substances that could be likened to the hash and GHB, and a scale used to weigh narcotics.

Tuesday, Dallaire returned to the court for its investigation on the release, but his lawyer, Charles Cantin, has postponed the proceedings on the 18th of January, the time to find alternatives to detention.

It is important to know that Dallaire frequent the halls of the palace of justice in the last twenty years. It started when he was underage.

Since his transition to adulthood, he has committed various crimes, which have earned him sentences of detention more or less long. It is also released from prison, in September, for a history of assault.