Curling: a success in spite of everything for Desjardins and Bouchard

Curling: un succès malgré tout pour Desjardins et Bouchard

Even if it is not started from North Carolina with the title of the tournament in the mixed doubles, Robert Desjardins is out the winner of Charlotte, who was enrolled at the Southern mixed doubles Cashpiel in the company of his wife Véronique Bouchard. The duo was eliminated in the quarter-finals, but has lived to the full his honeymoon in the United States.

Lovers, door-colours of the team Hotel Le Montagnais, have undergone a preliminary round a perfect three wins, but have been unlucky when is the time to make it to the table for the quarter-finals. Classified second, Desjardins and Bouchard were faced with the seventh-best pair at the end of the three qualifying matches.

It was, however, the team of Maureen and Peter Stolt, the infamous duo that was much better than his record indicated.

“We haven’t really been lucky in facing a good team, and it was eventually lost in the quarter-final against the eventual champions of the tournament,” said Robert Desjardins, who added valuable points on the world circuit, in addition to having a good time with his better half.

“We enjoyed our stay in Caroline and it is a success on the whole line, in every sense of the term,” he responded with enthusiasm.

Robert Desjardins will now be his regular partner, his daughter, Emilie, for a tournament in Alberta presented directly on the site of Banff national Park. The competition, with a total purse of $ 30,000, will bring together several of the best teams in the world.

“It will be extremely competitive”, announced Robert Desjardins.