Cowboys at CBR this summer

Cowboys au TBN cet été

After several months of tense relations, Québec Issime and Diffusion Saguenay restore the bridges, and to announce the presentation of the spectacle Cowboys, de Willie Dolly, as soon as the next summer at the Théâtre National Bank of Chicoutimi, after an absence of five years in the region.

The arrival, on 5 November last year, the new general manager at Diffusion Saguenay, Isabelle Gagnon, seems to have softened ties with the company of the producer Robert Golden, who was on the outs with the old management of the organization. These tensions had reached a peak at the end of 2017, when the producer had openly criticized the management and access to live venues in the Saguenay.

Today, this agreement is a sign of a new beginning between the diffuser regional and the private producer, who thus renews a partnership that has had success in the past.

“We are very happy with the new direction of Diffusion Saguenay. We had a past, with good years and years less good, but there were several good years in front of us. We decided to celebrate with the return of Cowboys, de Willie Dolly, who has left since 2013 and presented for four years in Sherbrooke and Saint-Tite, ” says Robert Golden in an interview to the Daily.

Back to the house

As soon as it came in the post, Isabelle Gagnon – who has replaced Claude Simard in Diffusion Saguenay – was convinced of the importance of bringing Québec Issime at home, in the Saguenay.

“Québec Issime, it’s part of a gem regional. They are gone for a few years and are known everywhere in Quebec, but fundamentally, they are here. The first thing I did when I met Robert after arriving in position, that is to say : “Robert, I want to work with you’, ” said Isabelle Gagnon during the same interview.

The show will be presented from July 24 to August 3, four evenings per week during two weeks, from Wednesday to Saturday. The two partners are thus more attractive to the tourists who wish to see more of a large scale production during their stay in Saguenay.

“It is important that there is a production Québec Issime as a tourist attraction, in addition with The Fabulous. It had been created for it at the time. When we created the Québec Issime in 1995, the basic idea was that people come to see The Fabulous one night and the next day, Québec Issime. Last summer, it was hard, but this is a new era, ” says Robert Golden.

Tickets for the show Cowboys, de Willie Dolly are available in pre-sale starting Thursday morning and general sale will start on Friday. Tickets for all eight performances are sold at the cost of 61,50 $. In addition to Cowboys, de Willie Dolly, Québec Issime will also Starmania (Sherbrooke) and Travel to the rhythm of our music (Wendake) this summer.



The new agreement between Diffusion Saguenay and Québec Issime opens the door to a return of the troupe’s shows at the Théâtre Palace Arvida, which should normally re-open its doors in the fall of 2019.

“There [we announced], it is with Cowboys, but with the Palace is coming, I consider that Québec Issime and the Palace, it is a duo that you can’t separate. We really hope that Quebec Issime back in his house, and we are already working to see what form it would take, ” notes Isabelle Gagnon Diffusion Saguenay.

Even if the details are still far from being finalized, it is understood between the lines that the cast of Robert Golden should eventually present the show to reopen as soon as renovations of the theatre of the boulevard Mellon will once again be open to the public. To Robert Golden, who is slouched on the Saint-Jacques church to present Party ! since the closure of the Palace, the opportunity to return to where it all began and allows him to glimpse a bright future for his productions in the region.

“The church and the Palace, it’s going to be a kit quite extraordinary. It allows us to think about the future, because, whether we like it or not, when we opened the Palace in 1999, it has created a problem of production of shows. We need a place to préroder our shows. It is private in recent years to productions such as Le petit Noël de Québec Issime, Québec Issime sings Christmas and Party ! junior. With Diffusion Saguenay, the church and the Palace, we can put everything back in place, ” says the producer, who does not hide his enthusiasm for the idea of resuming his quarters.

“We opened the Palace in 1999, and then we could reopen it, 20 years later in 2019 ! “

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