Conflict judicial carbon tax: Legault does not interfere

Conflit judiciaire sur la taxe sur le carbone: Legault ne s'en mêle pas

MONTREAL — François Legault does not intend to meddle in the conflict in court between Ottawa, Saskatchewan and Ontario regarding the carbon tax, the prime minister, saying holding to the autonomy of the provinces.

Saskatchewan is addressed to the courts to challenge the constitutional right of Ottawa to impose upon the provinces a tax on carbon. Ontario is then joined to this dispute. The province of the prime minister, Doug Ford subsequently filed its own legal challenge.

The federal government requires that provinces put in place by January, a pricing regime of the pollution of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, without which Ottawa impose its own tax on carbon, in the form of a levy on gasoline and other fuels. This way of doing does not please the Saskatchewan, not to the Ontario. The federal decision is not Quebec, because it already has a carbon market, a system of cap-and-trade of emission rights of greenhouse gases.

British Columbia has decided, it, to support the federal government intervening in the two disputes.

But this will not be the case in Quebec.

François Legault did not intend to intervene, “neither one side nor the other,” he said Friday morning.

After you have distributed the books to the sick children he visited at the Hospital Sainte-Justine, in Montreal, the prime minister said that Ottawa should not force the hand of the provinces.

“Mr. Trudeau wants to impose on the provinces. We, there is a lot to the autonomy of the provinces”, he said.

“So, we’re not going to get involved in this conflict between Mr. Trudeau and some provinces.”

Yet, during the election campaign, Mr. Legault had promised that, if elected, he would be the ally of Justin Trudeau in the fight against climate change. A statement he repeated to the main party soon after taking power in Quebec city.

Quebec has a carbon market for the past few years, a system adopted by the previous liberal government, but which has the endorsement of the new prime minister of quebec.

The prime minister of ontario Doug Ford has also inherited a stock of carbon of the liberal government that preceded it. But instead, he decided to remove the province of this system, which includes, in addition to Quebec, California.