Club de golf Port-Alfred: a deficit from operations of$40,000

Club de golf Port-Alfred: un déficit d’opérations de 40 000$

The Club de golf Port-Alfred ended the year 2018 with a deficit from operations of$ 40,000 on a budget of close to a million dollars. At the annual general meeting, the chairman Sylvain Simard indicated that several factors had contributed to this year’s financial difficult.

The weather forced a late opening of the field in the month of may, while the month of October has been rainy and cold has undermined the end of the season. Bad weather conditions have also had a depressive effect on the sale of daily tickets, a revenue loss of$ 20,000 compared to the previous season. The same situation was observed in the other clubs in the region. A been promising has not allowed it to catch up the lost time.

The leaders of the club baieriverain have also been required to replace machinery, in addition to buying an aerator for the greens, and this has led to an extraordinary expenditure of$ 38,000. The development project of the fairway of hole number 17 has resulted in an overrun of$ 3000. The increasing prices of fertilizer and gasoline, about 10% have also been additional expenses, like the purchase of six paintings to protect the green, an expense that must be renewed each year.

The club of Port-Alfred has had a stable year with 254 members in 2018, the same number as the previous year. To compensate for the lack of income, the management has decided to increase the price of the annual pass of$ 50 for the next season. Thus, depending on the options chosen, the price varies between$ 1000 and$1500.

Long-term debt of the club is thus set at$ 100,000. In terms of finance, all budget items will be analyzed over the course of season 2019. Special attention will also be given to the field. If the quality of the greens is exceptional according to the officials, the bunkers and some tee boxes will be the subject of interventions. A committee under the responsibility of the director field Gilles Delisle and superintendent Eric Tremblay will prepare a list of priorities in this chapter. The committee may rely on the expertise of Steven Tremblay. The director of personnel and buildings, Guy Bolduc, has already recruited 10 members to perform volunteer work for the landscaping, which should lead to substantial savings for the organization.

Collective agreement

The chapter of good news, recently, the 15 employees have renewed their collective agreement for a period of three years. In its report, Sylvain Simard reminded members that the management has always sought harmonious relations with its staff, while thanking employees for their cooperation and their excellent work.

The board of directors, Gilles Delisle has been re-elected to the post of director field for a period of two years. It is the same to the secretary-France Claveau and the director Gilles Lalancette. Julien Bouchard is the new treasurer, replacing Jean-François Girard, who departed after six years of volunteering. Pierre Thibodeau is the master male while the position of captain female left for them to fill.