Christmas Tremblay wants to do useful work

Noël Tremblay veut faire oeuvre utile

Christmas Tremblay does not take for Balzac. Although he is proud of his novels, the author a native of Saguenay is able to throw over them a sober look. It recognizes that some works leave see flaws, but says that his eighth book, A rose signed C mark a clear progression in the writing.

“It’s been ten years that I create novels, while working 40 hours per week in another area. I feel that I am improving and that gives me hope, in the same way as the decision of Expansion Books to distribute the new title. This is the first time that I am not forced to work to the author’s account. I sent the manuscript and quickly, it has been accepted “, points to the glad man.

The story it tells is that of a journalist who, after having made a cross on his love life, meeting a woman with which the magic operates against all the odds. The flip side of the coin is that it is involved in a love triangle in which one will become entangled in the character imagined by Noël Tremblay, who says that this fiction is based on a true story.

“Several men have been immersed in situations of this kind. I know some people who have been injured and that is why I am committed to this writing project. I felt the need to help those who, like the main character, is struggling with a manipulative, coupled with a mythomaniac “, notes the author, whose book will be available in bookstores by the end of the month.

This desire to do useful work is all the more powerful as a few years ago, the man produced a book entitled My life, this is not a game. The relevance of this testimony based on a personal experience, it came the day where a woman wrote to him to express her gratitude. “His reaction to me had been touched,” says Noël Tremblay.

Returning to its association with Expansion Books, he announces that his novel will be distributed in France, which makes him a small velvet.

In the immediate future, however, his attention is turned toward the launch scheduled for today (Tuesday), between 16 h 30 and 19 h 30. It will be held at the Salle Marguerite-Tellier, located inside the municipal library of Chicoutimi. “Everyone is invited and there will be music, as well as a singer,” says the author of A rose, signed C.