Bernier will not be detrimental to the conservatives

Bernier ne nuira pas aux conservateurs

Andrew Scheer is not afraid of Maxime Bernier. At the dawn of this election year, the leader of the conservative Party does not feel threatened – because, according to him, the people’s Party of the Beauceron is not a movement, but of the personal vehicle of a deputy soured.

“For me, it is the team of a single person, slice the leading conservative in the interview, in a room of his office in the Centre block. This is a person who has left the party. This is not a movement. “

He followed that up with a taunt. “For a person who has started a new party called “people”… he has chosen for himself as a leader, he has chosen all of the policy itself, ” says Andrew Scheer in this interview in the beginning of the week.

It must be said that the leader had a hard time with Maxime Bernier in 2017, at the point where it has ejected from its shadow cabinet because of his insubordination, in June last. The ditch is dug until the member of parliament for Beauce leaves the ship, a conservative, last August.

“He passed (about a year) to raise money for his debt from the leadership race and a few days after having it removed, he decided to (leave). People see it and can see the lack of sincerity of Maxim “, plague the one who was beaten narrowly in may 2017.

“Every day, I think people are seeing more and more that this is not a question of principle with Maxime. It is a question of a personal decision, because he has never accepted the results of the race to the leadership, ” charges Andrew Scheer.

“I have my own style “

The Saskatchewan-born 39-year-old ensures that his caucus is united behind his leadership, sweeping the back of the hand of the dissatisfaction expressed in recent days under the cover of anonymity by members of his shadow cabinet, in the daily National Post.

“I have my own style, and I am exactly the head that I promised (to be) during the race to the chiefdom “, he replies.

“I said to all members : “We will remain true to our conservative principles, we will send an inspiring message to a new (fringe) of the voters, we will work on the ground and we will win the elections in 2019″, ” related he.

The chief strategist behind conservative Tim Powers also minimizes the magnitude of the supposed discontent within the ranks of conservatives, reminding us that Stephen Harper, Joe Clark and Jean Charest, to name just a few, have been entitled to the same treatment while they were opposition leaders.

He says that ” in general “, Andrew Scheer ” has been solid as the leader of the opposition “. Certainly, ” so far, we haven’t seen a moment of “wow” – and it may be that there will be no time to “wow”, ” notes the vice-president of Summa Strategies.

“But I think that he and his entourage recognize that there is still a lot of work to do between now and the day of the election,” he said.

The chief curator was certainly a “lack of awareness” to be filled, in particular in Quebec, believes Thierry Giasson, a professor in the department of political science of the Université Laval, which is the style Scheer hard to identify.

“It was sometimes right to Andrew Scheer who is rather posed, smiling, warm, and sometimes, there’s another Andrew Scheer who says things that come out a little from the norm, which are rather populist, who did not look exactly happy and asked,” does it over the phone.

“It is a bit strange, this image. It was difficult a little to see the kind of leadership that he wants to embody, ” says the professor specializing in political communication.

Who’s the boss ?

Among liberals, was quick to portray Andrew Scheer as a ” Harper 2.0 “. The message has evolved in recent months in the wake of the election of the progressive conservatives, Doug Ford Ontario.

Attempts are now being made to paint the portrait of a politician federal government does not actually own the reins of the national movement.

“I ask the leader of the conservatives (…) he speaks to his boss, Doug Ford, Ontario “, a-t-we heard, for example, the minister Mélanie Joly start in the Bedroom after the cuts by Doug Ford in the French-language services.

According to Tim Powers, this shift of the liberals is ” interesting “. And the leader of the opposition should negotiate being careful ” not to let themselves be branded as the little brother, the nice boy who leaves policy to others “, he believes.

It will also need to keep their eyes glued to a former member of the conservative family, “says the strategist :” The party may say to the contrary, but the leader and his office should devote efforts to monitor Maxime Bernier, and it takes time and resources that could go elsewhere “.

The time and resources, the conservatives spend to ensure that the Beauceron is not re-elected in his fief. The Toronto Star, Andrew Scheer has predicted this : “Max will not win a seat, including his own “.

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