Bande Sonimage: a new film for Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve and Gabriel Fortin

Bande Sonimage: un nouveau film pour Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve et Gabriel Fortin

The band Sonimage begins the new year by supporting two filmmakers in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. The non-profit organization, whose mission is to support the creation of films in the region, supports the project of the feature film of Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve, whose screenplay is in development, while funding the short movie of Gabriel Fortin, arrived at the post-production stage. In both cases, the objective is to deliver the work completed in 2019.


Filmmaker for the past 20 years, Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve caress the dream of turning a first feature film. The provisional title is in Front of your silence, and this project has been enhanced thanks to a residence in screenwriting granted by the band Sonimage. It has given rise to several meetings with Sophie Beauparlant, whose contribution proved to be decisive.

Other exchanges will take place before you can write the word ” end “, but already, the Saguenéen feels privileged because the advice given by the other person. “His analysis is surgical. Sophie Beauparlant has increased the pace of my script and better defined the character of the characters, so that one feels more dramatic progression “, marvelled the director, during an interview with the Progress.

Three meetings have been sufficient to transform the text that he had concocted, which is increased from 30 to 90 pages in the space of a few months. As the story unfolds on a farm, a place that is familiar with Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve, because he grew up on a land of the rang Saint-Joseph, Chicoutimi, new writing sessions have led him to delve into his memory.

“It takes breath to make a feature film, and that is why the residence of storytelling with Sophie Beauparlant has been life-saving. I put to use my training as a documentary filmmaker at the Chasse-Galerie, digging in my memories. Since these years have been the most beautiful of my life, I had incredible fun writing it, ” says the filmmaker.

His decision to make a feature film after having explored the short form through projects such as Haut-Fond-Prince, Notre-Dame-des-Monts, That on this day I die, and Eleanor, the youngest, has been validated by its exchanges with the writer.

“I love the short, but to branch out the story, to multiply the tracks of narrative, the long is more appropriate. In this context, it was time to install a climate, ” says Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve.

Farm boy

As for the story, which takes place in our time, it brings to the foreground a farm boy, a job that he himself has practiced in adolescence.

His destiny is going to switch to the result of a stupid accident involving a roaming. “This is my movie of the darker, yet more than Haut-Fond-Prince. It revolves around a conflict between good and evil. There are elements of fantasy, a bit of the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe, ” describes the filmmaker.

He added that the report to the earth will be at the heart of the drama. We are not talking here of a mother earth, but a soil that is not conducive to agriculture, such as the one with which his family members have tried to secure their livelihood. “One day, one of my uncles shouted : “Cursed land of Cain.” He could not dig because it is frozen, which reflects my opinion to me. I find it unrewarding. I have a love-hate relationship vis-à-vis it, ” says Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve.

He wants to tie up the scenario in the first few weeks of 2019, which will help him to submit applications for funding for filming. If these steps are successful, the film will be canned in the fall.



Gabriel Fenton has created a number of art videos, but he was soon to shoot a short film. The turning point came through one of his close friends, a man who practises the solder, by making music within a classical training. It is precisely this person that we see in Welding symphony, a work of four minutes during which the sounds of the workshop are blended with a piece of Tchaikovsky from the ballet swan lake.

“The film begins with the sound of the music, with plans esthétisants showing welder at work. And then, we see him imitate an orchestra conductor, waving his wand of welding, which will surprise the spectators. In this way, I wanted to bring classical music where you do not expect, while exploring the contrast between the version of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, conducted by Charles Dutoit, and the sparks which spring forth at any moment,” says the filmmaker.

The budget of the short film could reach up to 8000 $. However, the band Sonimage has awarded a grant of $ 2000 to fund the filming, which took place at Lac-Saint-Jean Metal, a company based in Alma. A second grant from the same source, totaling, this time, about $ 4,000 will cover the costs related to post-production. We are talking here about the colorization, sound mixing and image stabilization, all of the things that will be completed in the next few weeks.

“I want the film to be ready in January to submit it to various festivals, of which LOOK on the short film, Saguenay. I took the necessary means, by investing myself in the production, to make a business card. I find that it works really well and when it will be screening in theaters, with 5.1 sound, it’s going to spit,” says Gabriel Fortin, smiling.

Grateful to the band Sonimage, which has also loaned filming equipment, he wants to continue in the same way by digging the groove of fiction. His services include the Télé-Québec prize, awarded in the framework of the Documentor, a festival held in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, as well as projects located at the encounter of cinema and visual arts.