Atchoum at the Place des Arts: a dream professional made

Atchoum à la Place des Arts: un rêve professionnel réalisé

Atchoum, the clown of the rock youth, will take to the boards of the Place des Arts, Thursday evening, to present his Christmas show. This will be the first time that the artist, who has long been in the region of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, will perform in this prestigious complex. Even if it is no longer in the region, Atchoum is still the face of Park a Thousand Places of the Hill.

The artist’s youth has admitted, in his interview to the Daily, that it was one of his professional goals to attend at the Place des Arts. She was very excited to do her show, even if the organization was more complex. “It is taking a risk, deciding to do a show at Place des Arts, because there are always a hundred activities at the same time and we don’t know if people are going to choose ours “, revealed the artist. This has fortunately not had the air of having an effect on the sale of its tickets, because at the time of her interview, there was barely fourteen places, on the eve of the show. “I’m glad to see that in the small towns and big cities, there are pools of fans of Atchoum. It makes me proud “, she continued.

In this show, Atchoum will present songs from his most recent mini-album Songs of winter. It is available online since November. In order to spread his music in a new way, Atchoum had decided to offer his mini-album with the purchase of a giant display of coloring, by partnering with the studio in the Rue Tabaga. All the songs in the album are original.

The artist will not be his first performance in a large room. His next show reminds him of the time when she trod the boards of the Capitole de Québec. “There are professional goals that you put it like that, in our bucketlist, as the show of tomorrow, which give us the taste to go forward,” she rejoiced. In the next challenges, Atchoum would like to go do shows in France.

It is in the context of a small winter tour that Atchoum is mounting on the montreal scene. There will be three performances of the Christmas show, be that of Montreal on the 27th of December, the next day to Victoriaville and another on December 29, in Quebec city. “It is weird to not introduce myself in the area, but I have to make a choice. I will return to the week of spring break, in collaboration with Diffusion Saguenay “, has confirmed the rocker youth.

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