“At $ 25,000, and I thought about it “

« À 25 000 $, j’y ai pensé »

“When Jimmy spoke, in the amount of $ 25,000 to kill his ex-spouse, I have thought of a fraction of a second. I told him that I had to think about it. But I have not thought about for a long time. ”

Eric Maltese, the one who has exposed the malicious intentions of his great friend, to the police of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), admits that it has passed through the head, but he would never have been able to do a thing like that.

“I never told Jimmy that I would do it for 10 000 $, but to $ 25,000, and I thought about it, but not for long. And no, it is not true that I told Jimmy to let my wife, and in return, I will take care of hers, ” said the witness, a question from Me Louis Belliard, a lawyer in defence.

Jimmy Bouchard had asked him his aid quickly, in 2013, in order to help him get rid of his ex-spouse, so that he has sole custody of his boy. Bouchard wanted him to find her weapons and the manpower to do the dirty work. Malta has not been able to meet the expectations of his friend. He was not truly the effort to get there, he said.

Cross-examined on the reasons that led the accused to trust him at this point, Eric Maltais has made reference to her past.

“He believed that I could find weapons in the light of contacts with the environment a criminal offence that I had had in the past. I have already attended members of the bikers. At the time of the project Jimmy, I still had knowledge, ” replied Eric Maltese.

During his testimony, Maltais mentioned that Bouchard had told him to have found a person to fill the contract, but that the latter desisted. She did not accept that the children may be the collateral victims, the accused, who is told to kill the ex-spouse, even if there were people nearby.

“As soon as the resource has become known that it had [maybe] eliminate of the children, he refused. He said that it was not to put a contract on the head of children, ” expressed Mr. Maltese.

« À 25 000 $, j’y ai pensé »

Eric Maltais


In respect of the police intervention, Maltais recalled that it had given information on the projects Bouchard, an SQ officer, a few months before the arrest. The witness then met with an investigator in order to share what he knew.

A few weeks later, the leaders of the SQ have prepared the draft Contrition in order to trap Bouchard.

“They wanted to know if Jimmy was to bite if they were sending an undercover officer. I told them yes, without hesitation, because I knew that Jimmy wanted it to happen before the December 6 (attendance in court for the custody of the child). They were contacted for the first time and he was very happy to have a name (and phone number) to do the job, ” added Eric Maltese.

A meeting was subsequently confirmed for the December 1, 2016 at a restaurant in Chicoutimi. Bouchard wanted that Maltese comes with it, but he said that he was not able to go there.

Bouchard has presented to Saguenay and returned to Saint-Stanislas, where he lived, to fetch a sum of $ 3000, which was to be the first payment.

“He made the return trip in the storm and has met with the undercover agent a second time at the Cage aux sports to give the amount,” said Eric Maltese.

Subsequently, the police proceeded to the arrest of Bouchard for a crime that would ultimately not been committed.

Recovery Thursday

About Eric Maltese, before you tell everything, he filled out a sworn statement, stating that it was liable to criminal charges if he lies or made false statements.

The trial is release Wednesday and will resume Thursday and Friday.