Always over the top with Lysanne Richard

Toujours plus haut avec Lysanne Richard

The diver’s top-flight Lysanne Richard has maximized a short passage in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean this week. In two days, she gave four lectures in secondary schools, in addition to being honored at Arvida, where she did her secondary studies.

In addition to his alma mater, where she was offered two conferences, Lysanne Richard also visited with the students of the schools almatoises, Jean-Gauthier and the Pavillon Wilbrod-Dufour. “It is in Alma where I started to dive. I spent a good part of my childhood and it is at Arvida that I have graduated”, to highlight the athlete, who is now in Montreal. In the last season of diving, high-flying, she won the bronze at the cumulative of the five events on the international circuit Red Bull and won silver at the world Championships the FINA.

“I really enjoyed my passage. I would like it to become a tradition and come back at least once a year to have the chance to meet more people”, to entrust Lysanne Richard about his “too short” stay.

The members of the management of the Arvida took advantage of this rare passage to present him with the plaque that will be installed in June next to the wall of the celebrities of the institution. “I had never dreamed or hoped that it happens. In my head, since I am more far away, it could be less. In addition, I hadn’t really kept in contact with my versatile”, to express Lysanne Richard. As the random things done well, when they contacted her to make him part of their intention to honor him, she took the opportunity to offer his services as a speaker, which resulted in this mini-regional tour.

In his lectures dynamic and fun where she shares her experience, Lysanne Richard, who is a graduate in arts of the circus, mainly addresses the overcoming of oneself with several sub-themes such as pleasure and determination. The mother of three children, she gives over twenty per year, including in companies. “It’s really tailored to the audience to whom I address myself,” says the one who tells a number of anecdotes along the way.

“These are all things that affect me in the end. Otherwise, I would not find of interest to talk about it,” said Lysanne Richard, who also uses plenty of video and photos, in addition to interacting with the public.

Toujours plus haut avec Lysanne Richard

During a short stay in his native region, the professional diver’s top-flight Lysanne Richard has presented four lectures to high school students.


“I’ll all the time look for anecdotes that I have experienced. I do not channel not theoretical knowledge. It is more compared to my personal experience. After that, each takes what he wants to take to apply it to his life,” stresses the athlete of 37 years, agreeing that with the media coverage which it benefits, and its role as analyst of competitions to TVA Sports, people are increasingly aware of the sport and his career.

“At the beginning, when I was asked to make the conference, I had never really thought of this option, and I knew very little of this environment. It made me a little afraid. So I went in to see a few before I embark and what I understood is that the ones I liked best were those on the color of the speaker that were more real and authentic. I asked about the way in which I would be more comfortable, and finally, this is like my show for an hour where I am in exchange with people,” said Lysanne Richard.



The return home after a short visit to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean represents the end of the recess for Lysanne Richard, who has resumed intensive training for the next season of diving’s top-flight which will be more charged and will begin earlier.

“During the Holidays, I took a little break and gradually, I started doing the physical preparation, but then, I go back into the water “, to announce the athlete’s regional, which took advantage of the pause to advance some personal projects.

“It has done me good physically. I felt my tired body. Fortunately, I finished the season without injury, but I had a little bit of wear and tear. I had the chance to really rest. I got bored of diving. It was safe because I like it, I plongerais every day, she says. I lost a bit of shape physically, but I won it mentally. It’s going to come back soon when I’ll start again. I’m rested and I can’t wait. “

The season of diving, high-flying on the circuit Red Bull will begin earlier than in years past, namely in April in the Philippines. The rest of the schedule remains to be determined precisely, but will have seven stages in more than two competitions of the international Federation of swimming in a little less than six months. “It is positive in the bottom to have more,” says Lysanne Richard.

“It is sure that if there was more competition, it will be more easy to have money and associations with partners who would look for more opportunities. All of this is positive. Eventually, if it continues to add, it is going to have to have a small reorganization of the calendar, she hopes. If we had more than that, I find that the season would be too long. It would take a little break. ”