Accused of incitement to suicide by text message

Accusée d'incitation au suicide par texto

Christina Hénault, 22 years old and without history of court, will stand trial in April for having, by ” text “, prompted another young woman to commit suicide.

The facts date back to the summer of 2017. Simone* has just been left by her boyfriend David*. She sends him a text message, writing that she thinks of committing suicide.

The new girlfriend of David, Christina Hénault, sees the text message on the cell phone of his spouse.

According to the evidence gathered by the police, Christina Hénault would have replied to Simone a few words of the nature of ” dare to do it “. She would have also written about, which, according to the prosecution, fall within the definition of the threat of death.

The trial for this crime unusual punishment “of having incited someone to cause death” and for the charge of threats of death, had been fixed to January 9, 2019, six months ago already.

In December, the lawyer for Christina Hénault, Charles-Olivier Gosselin of the office of the legal Aid, had tried in vain to get a discount of the trial arguing that his client, who resides in deux-Montagnes, in the region of Montreal, had no financial resources to pay for his trip to Quebec.

Wednesday morning, mr. Gosselin has managed to convince the judge that Christian Boulet of the Court of Québec to postpone the trial to April 17, for reasons of indigence.

The accused, who works night shifts, has good hope of having the money to move here a few weeks, said the defense lawyer.

The Face of the absence of the accused, the Crown prosecutor Me Mélanie Tremblay had attempted to obtain the issuance of a warrant of committal. “The intention not to be present was clear because she had asked for a discount in December,” argued mr. Tremblay.

Judge Ball said he did not want to run the risk that the accused, without a past judicial, to be arrested and incarcerated because she had no money to travel. “We will not do a justice rich and justice for poor,” insisted the judge.

The complainant was en route to the palace of justice at the time of delivery. The Crown prosecutor pointed out the “significant after-effects” made by this young woman.

* First name fictitious


Article 241 of the criminal Code

Fact of advising the suicide or help

  • Is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for fourteen years anyone, that the suicide followed or not, as the case may be :

    • (a) counsels a person to result in death or encourages it to give himself the death;

    • (b) assist a person to result in death.

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