A worker of 53 years died crushed in Laterrière

Un travailleur de 53 ans meurt écrasé à Laterrière

An employee of 53 years of the company’s auto Parts Shock and lost his life in a tragic way, on Thursday afternoon, after being crushed by a truck loader in the back yard of the business.

The exact circumstances of the accident, which occurred shortly before 15 pm on the way to the Church in Laterrière remained always to clarify, on Thursday evening, but what is sure is that the death of the victim was evident from the arrival of the first relief.

The drama is played outside of the business while employees milled about in the courtyard adjacent to manoeuvre the truck used to lift and move used cars.

“They were both working to the outside. A given time, the driver of the [truck] felt a bump when backing up. He is out to see the cause and unfortunately, it was his colleague. The death was recorded on the spot “, explained the spokesman of the police of Saguenay, Bruno Cormier.


Of workers met them at their place of work in the early evening by The Daily were “shattered” by what had just happened.

“We don’t understand what happened, or why it was [behind the truck]. It is a stupid accident. There was no cameras in the court, then it is hoped that [the investigators] will be able to determine the circumstances, because here, we do not understand. We all lost a chum, ” agreed to comment on one of the co-owners of auto Parts Shock which, however, did not want to disclose his name.

The investigators of the identity Service judicial police of Saguenay were still on site at the end of the day, a team of the Committee on standards of equity, fairness, and the health and safety at work (CNESST).

The thirty employees of the company will be likely to return to work Friday despite the tragedy that has played the night before. The victim’s identity will be disclosed during the day of Friday, an issue that the family is informed.

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