A tragedy narrowly avoided, Jonquière

Un drame évité de peu à Jonquière

A serious carbon monoxide poisoning (CO) could have had tragic consequences for the five people of Jonquière, who have had to go to the hospital in Chicoutimi, in the night of Sunday to Monday. Two of them were in such a condition that they had to be rushed to Quebec to be processed. A wood-burning fireplace has poor ventilation was the cause of the unfortunate incident.

The five intoxicated persons – four adults and a child are parties themselves to the hospital up to 23 hours on Sunday night. Shortly after their arrival, the staff of the hospital, Chicoutimi has alerted the fire brigade of Saguenay so that they go to the 3740, chemin des Sables because they were in the presence of a case of poisoning severe. The arrival of the fire at 4am on Monday morning, the CO level in the air was so high that one may think that the worst has been avoided.

“It is something serious. Upon our arrival, we had a CO level of 400 ppm on our gas detectors. It indicates a big intoxication. The house was filled,” says the chief to the operations of the fire security service of Saguenay, Jean Side.

The fireman said that if the five people were asleep without realizing the situation, we could wake up Monday morning with a real drama on the arm.

Two people were discharged from the hospital at 7am Monday morning. We don’t know for the moment the state of health of the two people who were transported to Quebec. One last person is still in the hospital, Chicoutimi Monday morning.

It is the fire in the slow combustion stove in the residence, poorly maintained or poorly released, which has caused the poisoning.