A tournament, three arenas, four days

Un tournoi, trois arénas, quatre jours

Due to the vagaries of the calendar, the 27th edition of the provincial Tournament atom of Chicoutimi will take place in three arenas, with a schedule packed into just four days, from 3 to 6 January.

In addition to the headquarters in the arena Marina-Larouche in Chicoutimi-Nord and the arena of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC), which were used already in the course of the event in recent years, a dozen games will be played during the first two days on the ice number one of the centre Jean-Claude Tremblay.

“We looked at all the possibilities and it is really the one that was the most logical “, indicates the new president Hugues Bédard-Rochette, who will be able to count on the support of the well-known group of volunteers André Boudreault to ensure the logistics of the land baieriveraines.

Un tournoi, trois arénas, quatre jours

The provincial Tournament atom of Chicoutimi will launch the new
year, from 3 to 6 January.


The Tournament atom has become, over the years, a classic of the Holidays, which continues to 2019. Once again, the organisers will build on the animation throughout the four days of the event. “Can’t wait to see the youth, parents and chaperones, and have fun with them. The return of the Holidays, everyone is always in a good mood, which gives a good atmosphere, ” said the new president. It has taken over from Jean-François Savard, who has held the position for eight years. The latter remained associated with the tournament as chief registrar. Hugues Bédard-Rochette is himself a long-time volunteer at the Tournament atom of Chicoutimi and was for some years the vice-presidency.

“I didn’t know bad logistics. It is sure that it is a little more tasks for my part, but the team in place is extraordinary. I had the support of the volunteers and members of the organizing committee. It is so well past, ” noted Hugues Bédard-Rochette, announcing that Serge Tremblay, Relocation, Chicoutimi, will assume the presidency of honor.

In total, forty teams will compete to the top honors in classes AA, A and B. In category A and B, 16 teams will be competing, divided into four groups of four teams. All courses are therefore assured of three games. In the AA, consisting of nine teams, three groups of three teams were formed with a double formula of round robin tournament, which provides a minimum of four parts. The finals will be played on Sunday afternoon in Chicoutimi-Nord. Part of the opening of the tournament will be held on Thursday, at 18: 20, before the duel between the two formations atom AA Sags of Chicoutimi.

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