A study of contrasts

Une étude de contrastes

Evoke the clash of cultures in the outline of a smile, it is not only possible, but customary for the artisans of the piece, Couscous and bacon. It is on the mode of humor, in fact, that the actors Carole Thomas and Jamin Chtouki depict the daily life of a couple consisting of a Quebec and a man from the Maghreb.

Based on a text by Farid Omri, composed over a score of years, in France, this work is still displayed in Paris. It revolves around one of the 14 vignettes, putting in opposition the view that each member of the couple carries on the life. A grinding adapted to the québec context is the poster from November, in Montreal. It is the one that will be able to discover the theatre-goers who will bring to the Side-Court for Jonquière on the 23rd of February, 20-h.

“This will be our second visit in this room. There, we presented another piece, Ten years of marriage, at the end of September. We had great fun and it is for this reason that we return this winter. The goal of our company, The Productions, the laughter, is to retain the customer by offering two or three shows per year, what we are doing through the tour “, was described by Jamin Chtouki, Tuesday, in favor of a telephone interview given to the Daily.

A native of Belgium, himself knows a piece on the cultural differences, as half of his family tree is rooted in the land of morocco. Since its beginnings in the theatre, which date back to 20 years, the actor displayed a predilection for humour, which he attributes, in part, to the self-deprecating humor, practiced by the Belgian with a zeal that honors.

“I think of myself as an entertainer to the public,” summarizes Jamin Chtouki. He also loves to play on the contrasts, that promotes Couscous in the bacon, through vignettes devoted to different phases of life : the first apartment of the couple, a marriage, a birth, the behavior of the in-laws and many other things. The passage, through the company are highlighted, which corresponds to the serious side of the process.

“While remaining in the registry of the light comedy, it evokes the fear of the other,” says the actor, who founded The Productions of the laughter two years ago, shortly after his arrival in Quebec. It is this company in the wake of the vaudeville theatre and the summer theatre, taking care to add that this tradition has a right to the city throughout the year.