A student starts a newspaper in Alma

Une étudiante lance un journal à Alma

The initiative of a student of the Camille-Lavoie high school (ESCL), Alma has helped to create a student newspaper. A student in the education Program intermediary (IAP) of the international baccalaureate, Leah Brouillette is at the origin of the first edition of The ESCLusif.

The student from the fifth secondary has devoted many hours outside of the regular hours of course, to his project staff between September and December. Even if it is a personal initiative, the creation of the ESCLusif is at the origin of a collective effort. Several of the youth joined her, as journalists, graphic designers and photographers.

“I felt it was lacking in the school. It is defined as a school of artistic-oriented and open-minded. Have a journal, this is a good way to show our more artistic side in addition to exchange between us in opening up to others, to the novelty and difference, ” explains Leah Brouillette, who admits to having always loved writing.

Une étudiante lance un journal à Alma

The secondary 5 student Leah Brouillette has decided to launch a student newspaper in the framework of its project staff to the IAP. Even if the project is completed, the student would like to launch an improved version in the next few months.


The first edition leaves plenty of room for the development of the students, their work and their accomplishments. Leah Brouillette is hoped that the publication represents the students and the staff. It is also a source of pride to the absence of restrictions as to topics discussed by the journalists. For her, the diversity of the journal is a reflection of the diversity that is found in the heart of the four walls of secondary school.

To the director of the ESCL, Josée Fortin, the launch of this journal has a unique character. “This is a place to exchange ideas, to argue, to share opinions and it is a place of cultural exchange. This will allow young journalists to practice their writing skills in addition to allow all of the students of the school to work on their reading skills, ” she explained at the launch.

Throughout his project, the student has benefited from the support of the French teacher and supervisor of the team, Joanie Fortin. “The personal project depended on several other people. Leah had to fix the problems if other people did not respect their commitment. She has demonstrated leadership, ” says the one who admits to having been charmed by the students motivated and motivating.

Une étudiante lance un journal à Alma

“It makes me warm at heart as a teacher. Often, we hear many speak negatively of students of 2018. It was a beautiful example of the contrary “, she adds.

While his personal project ends, there is no requirement for Leah Brouillette to continue the adventure of editor-in-chief of The ESCLusif. However, the desire is present from the one who plans to enroll in computer technology at College Alma. A decision on the realization of a second edition should be taken at the beginning of the year 2019.