A review on the horror that is signed by a Jonquiérois

Une revue sur l’horreur signée par un Jonquiérois

For some, interest in werewolves, vampires, short for horror in general does not manifest only on Halloween. This is the case of André Lejeune, a resident of Jonquière, who has created a fanzine named Horror, for lovers of the genre. It was produced 132 numbers to this day, which would make him the oldest fanzine of Canada, and the only one in Quebec still in a paper version.

A fanzine is a magazine written by enthusiasts. André Lejeune has created his own in 1993, in a paper version, because he was a real fanatic of everything that had to do with the horror. A number usually has a theme, as an author, a character, and much more. The next numbers will be for example devoted to women in horror, while all the texts will be signed by the fairer sex. This will be the 133rd edition of the magazine to see the light of day.

Une revue sur l’horreur signée par un Jonquiérois

André Lejeune has already released up to 17 numbers in one year.


The Jonquiérois acts as an editor-in-chief. It brings together texts from several different authors and put them together to create a magazine that reaches mostly fifty pages. He finds the authors on different sites for the genre. “There are writers who often come back, but thanks to the Internet, I am able to find new people to contribute,” said Mr. Lejeune. In a number, we generally find the texts of three or four authors.

To Mr. Lejeune, it is important that its medium is paper. “I’m not interested in having the largest number of readers possible, all I want is that the text printed in the fanzine, are quality,” added the director. It must, therefore, send by mail, to its subscribers, the numbers that he produced in the year. Even though the number can vary, it usually prints a hundred copies for review, and creates about five per year. This can change, while in his record year, he printed 17 numbers.

Three-quarters of its readers are from France, and the rest from Quebec. He found them via Web-based platforms. “My zine is really for all the world. It really touches different topics in regards to the horror, science fiction and the fantastic “, he commented.

His biggest challenge currently is to find illustrators, to volunteer to help with its review. For all those who would like to have more information, it is necessary to go on the page Facebook of Mr. Lejeune called Horror. A contribution of$ 15 is requested to receive the four numbers.