A race at la bonne franquette

Une course à la bonne franquette

Before you take advantage of the good and less good things of Christmas eve, a thirty athletes of different level have burnt calories on snowshoes, Sunday, at the Parc national des Monts-Valin, for the traditional event of the King and queen of the mountain. Léandre Bouchard and Catherine Fleury received the crown in arriving at the summit first in their respective category.

It was already the 15th edition of the event, which has become a classic over the years. It was consistent with the end of the training camp of the club Cyclone d’alma, and the beginning of the christmas holidays. While some participants the juices were fresh, the competitive spirit has won most of the thirst for strong sensations.

The snowshoeing was an ascent of about eight miles from the chalet to welcome up to the area of the Peak-of-the-Hut. Behind Léandre Bouchard, Félix Deschênes has finished second and Joé Dufour completed the podium. The latter is the instigator of the project, in addition to give everything to stay ahead of Bouchard. Again this year, all have had to admit defeat.

“When She is there, it is difficult to go look for it and there’s not a lot you can do to beat it, admitted Joé Dufour. No one has been able to catch up, even if we tried to be strategic ! “

In addition to testing their aerobic capacities, the participants also had to navigate the various trails leading to the summit. It seems that some have said they had obtained a good result, while they had not even reached the Peak-of-the-Hut !

Proof that the event attracts its share of athletes of high caliber, a professional cyclist originally from Chicoutimi, Antoine Duchesne has already tried his luck on the monts-Valin. There is no doubt that the appointment of the Holidays will be back next year.

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