A psychiatric assessment is requested for those who have dark on a man with his car

Une évaluation psychiatrique demandée pour celui qui a foncé sur un homme avec sa voiture

Jessy Gravel, 21-year-old will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, at the joint request of the Crown and the defence, in order to determine his criminal liability following an altercation between two ex-spouses of a woman who has turned violent Wednesday night, in Jonquière. The young man would be dark on the other man with his vehicle, before taking flight, causing it to lose control in a patrol car during a pursuit, and a puncture of the tire using a hunting knife, under the eyes of the agents.

The young man who lives in Jonquière, on the rue Francoeur, is facing ten charges after the events that occurred around 20: 15, on the boulevard of the Kingdom, near the junction of highway 70, in the direction of Larouche.

Jessy Gravel, which was previously unknown to police, is now facing charges of criminal harassment, uttering death threats, assault with a weapon, dangerous driving, obstructing police, failing to stop his vehicle and mischief under $ 5,000 on two cars.

The young man appeared before judge Richard P. Daoust, the Québec Court, Thursday afternoon, at the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi, staring at the emptiness in front of him.

On Wednesday evening, police were first called to expel Jessy Gravel from the residence of his ex-spouse. “When the police arrived, the individual was on site. He didn’t want to talk to the police, he left with his vehicle, ” said Dominic Gagnon, agent in the prevention and communication of the police Service of Saguenay (SPS), on Thursday.

It leaks out and comes back on the scene

While the officers met with the complainant inside the residence, another ex-husband of the woman arrived on the scene. Jessy Gravel would be returned on the spot and a verbal altercation reportedly erupted between the two men, outside.

“It was dark over him with his vehicle. The individual has not been wounded, for he is adorned with hands on the hood of the vehicle, ” continued the officer Gagnon. The young man then allegedly fled on board his vehicle, in the direction of Larouche, via the chemin Saint-André.

According to this, it was possible to learn during the court appearance of the accused, the prosecution would have reached up to 150 km/h, in zones of 70 km/h, causing it to lose control in a patrol car. The agents, however, have not been injured at the exit from the road. During the pursuit, the officers were in communication with the young man, who reportedly asked repeatedly for the police to kill him, instead of stopping it.

Jessy Gravel would have then returned back to the residence of his ex-spouse, where he was arrested, around 21: 30. He did not resist his arrest.

The course of events, the young man would have even used a hunting knife to puncture the tires of the vehicles to his ex-wife and the other ex-spouse involved, under the gaze of the police, has exposed Me Sébastien Vallée, of the Crown.

It has been reported about the ex-spouse of Jessy Gravel, who has argued that his mental health had deteriorated since separation, the young man demonstrating instability, impulsivity, and aggressiveness.

Diagnosis of epilepsy

Mr. Nicolas Gagnon, legal Aid, added that the parents of the young man had noticed a change undergone in his behavior, since he used the drug Epival, since the beginning of 2018, after having received a diagnosis of epilepsy. A family history of mental health problems, bipolar disorder diagnosed late, in particular, also suggest to her relatives that he may be suffering from mental health problems who have not been diagnosed.

For these reasons, both parties requested, on a joint basis, to ensure that Jessy Gravel to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine his criminal liability, a request which judge Richard P. Daoust has consented. A plea of not guilty has been recorded for all counts of the indictment.

Jessy Gravel will be detained at the psychiatric unit of the hospital of Chicoutimi and will be back before the court, as soon as the report of the evaluation shall be completed not later than the 1st of February.

Une évaluation psychiatrique demandée pour celui qui a foncé sur un homme avec sa voiture

Mr. Nicolas Gagnon, legal Aid, pointed out that it is uncommon that the Crown and defence are asking how common a psychiatric evaluation to determine the criminal responsibility of an accused.




It’s not often that the Crown and defence are asking the joint a psychiatric evaluation to determine the criminal responsibility of an accused, has underlined the lawyer of Jessy Gravel, mr. Nicolas Gagnon.

“It reflects the nature rather specific folder “, expressed ms. Gagnon, legal Aid, media scrum.

He indicated that his client consents to receive care. “In his current state, he is aware that there is something wrong going in his head, he is aware of his state of health, which is quite fragile. “

“He agrees to go to the hospital, that is the ideal, he continued. I think everyone here is aware that a person who has no history of judicial will not explode from one day to the next day to make the event as spectacular. “

A situation that is also difficult for the parents of the young man, who were present during his appearance at the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi, Thursday afternoon.

Me Sébastien Vallée, of the Crown, for its part, has indicated that the report will obtain a clear picture of the situation. “The assessment on the criminal responsibility shall ensure that the person is brought to the hospital, where she is in the custody of the hospital service. The doctor, a psychiatrist, of course, meeting the person and writes a report “, he explained.