A multirécidiviste will spend the Holidays behind bars

Un multirécidiviste passera les Fêtes derrière les barreaux

The multirécidiviste of drinking and driving Alain Pelletier was given a sentence of five months in jail and a driving prohibition of five years after you have been arrested for a fourth time.

The 56 year old man, who remains on the street of Britain in Jonquière, was detained on Saturday, December 15, on the boulevard Mellon, Jonquière, while he was speeding.

When the patrol police Service of Saguenay (SPS) were arrested, they quickly found that the man was impaired. It was especially blown rate of .142, while the limit is 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.

In searching his file in the holder of a driving licence, the police have found that a prohibition from driving for a year had been imposed against Pelletier the October 16, 2018, i.e. two months before. The latter did not, therefore, a driving licence and could only be found behind a steering wheel because of the ban. And especially not in a state of intoxication.

In addition, the two children of the accused, as teenagers, were on board the vehicle.

Friday, Me, Gypsy Smith, who defended the interests of the accused, has confirmed judge Sonia Rouleau, the Quebec Court, that his client, installed in the box of the accused, was ready to plead guilty.

The magistrate took into account the pretrial detention of the accused, or a week, which will be set off against the sentence of five months.

The court Roll to him then imposed a driving prohibition for one additional period of five years (over 10 months remaining on his first sentence) from the end of the detention. stéphane bégin