A man found dead on a street ice, the SPVM investigation

Un homme trouvé mort sur une rue glacée, le SPVM enquête

MONTREAL – The Montreal police consider the death of an elderly man 35 years of age, occurred Tuesday morning in the borough of Lachine, could be a suspect.

The authorities had initially announced that it was probably an event related to a fall on the ice.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) reported to have been called around 4 p.m. about a man who was lying near the vehicles parked in the street Provost, in the vicinity of 26th Avenue.

Upon their arrival on the scene, the paramedics were practiced maneuvers of resuscitation on the man’s body.

He was transported to the hospital where his death was recorded.

Police believe that ultimately it could be a suspicious death, but investigators do not rule out completely the initial hypothesis of an accidental drop due to the presence of a “significant layer of ice under the man”.