A half-century for the race of Pichous

Un demi-siècle pour la course des Pichous

Two thousand runners and walkers from the four corners of the province will be at the rendezvous, on Saturday, march 9, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the race Pichous, a test of 15 kilometres between Jonquière and Chicoutimi.

At this rate the entries, all indications are that the 2000 seats – not one more – will be quickly filled. “We will reach the limit of 2000 participants fairly quickly. I think we will even be forced to close the registration site before the deadline. Moreover, I invite the people of the region to register right away, because I will not be able to exceed the limit of 2000 participants, ” says input game Mario Boily, president of the organizing committee.

“It is not necessary to rely on the figures on the site, because there are groups of 40 to 50 people, which are formed as in the case of the Cégep de Jonquière and the Niobec Mine. Currently, on the website, I have 1400 registered. And good year, bad year, I have about 400 people from outside the region, ” he says.

The participation of outside could be on the rise because the organization has sent an invitation by email to approximately 15,000 runners in Quebec. “And it is responding quickly enough. It receives about 80 per day. It is almost full at 80 % capacity “, highlights the president Boily.

Cuts in municipal

The latter believes that the 50th edition is expected to draw about 1,700 runners and some 300 walkers. “Normally, one speaks of 1400 to 1500 participants. I would have wanted to make an event a little bigger, but I will not be able to do so because of the cuts. My budget had been accepted by the mayor Jean Tremblay at the time and I wanted to revive the carnival-remember, by building small cabins on the site and offering coffee and cakes to people, ” says he. “But we are going to decorate the shed and the hot meal will be served as usual, and there will be great cake for the 50th anniversary. “

Despite these cuts to municipal assistance, the organization will spoil when the same participants, since with the support of the sponsors and the accumulated surplus, it has a budget of more than $ 90,000. “It spoils the participants because it uses the profits of the past ten years. “

Moreover, one-third of the budget is invested in beautiful sweaters-memories to long sleeves which will be handed out to the participants. The persons registered before the 19 January will be able to select the size of their sweater and the other will have to choose among the shirts, which will remain on-site.

In addition, each completer will receive his medal with the effigy of the 50th anniversary. Even the scholarships will be increased. Up to 5800 $ will be awarded in scholarships and a value of $ 1000 will be awarded as participation prizes. If a (e) rider (will) eclipse the record of course, that earned him a $ 2,000 scholarship !

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