A family of Saint-Félicien street

Une famille de Saint-Félicien à la rue

On the day after Christmas, members of a family of Saint-Félicien met in the street, when a fire completely destroyed their residence. Following his investigation, the fire Service, Saint-Félicien has concluded that the fire was caused by the chimney of the home, which had broken from wear and tear.

Firefighters were called at 23: 18, Wednesday evening, to get to the residence from the path of the Tip. A score of them are moved on the premises, barracks, Saint-Félicien, but also of St. methodius, Saint-Prime and The Golden, to ensure the reinforcement. After three hours of work, they were finally able to extinguish the flames, which had completely destroyed the house.

The members of the family have been supported by the Red Cross. Fortunately, they were all able to get out of the house in time, so that there were no injuries.

A chimney fire would be the cause of that fire. “The chimney was damaged over time and had created, in its interior, and small openings. The fire would have passed through these holes, and this is what would have caused this fire very violent, ” said the chief to the operations of the fire Service, Saint-Félicien, Olivier de Launière.