A case of animal cruelty in The Bay submitted to the police

Un cas de cruauté animale à La Baie soumis à la police

Abandoned in a creek frozen so that it can not escape, a cat suffering from frostbite, was able to be rescued by a good samaritan this week in The Bay. The record of animal cruelty has been submitted to the investigators of the police Service of Saguenay.

The story has caused outrage among viewers when it was shared on page Facebook Spotted : The Bay, Friday. Earlier this week, a saguenay region has noticed a reusable grocery bag, caught in the ice of a stream in the sector in Grande-Baie. It attracted his attention, since he was moving abnormally. Inside, she found the poor beast.

“[The chat] was locked away in this bag recoverable and trapped in ice. He had the tail completely frozen and the four legs were injured from frostbite. There were pieces of claws in the bag to force to scrape to get by,” says the publication. His pads were completely burned by the cold, precise-t-on.

The lieutenant in charge Dominic Lemieux confirms that the case of animal cruelty is in the hands of the Service de police de Saguenay. “This will need to be further explored by investigators. We have not seen the cat. Some people would have boasted of some of the stuff in messages Facebook, it will be necessary to see what is true and what is not”, he says.

Un cas de cruauté animale à La Baie soumis à la police

The cat was found in a reusable grocery bag, taken through the ice of a stream in the sector in Grande-Baie.


When the cat was rescued, help was requested from the citizens ‘ movement Survivors hairy Sag/Lake. The volunteer Suzanne Harvey has coordinated the visit to the veterinarian and the host of the animal is in a family. “At the beginning, we did a search for the owners by leaving message in our sharing groups, and by calling in shelters, in the case where the cat would have been lost. Now, we have every reason to believe that the owner would have himself dropped” sad ” from the lady, in a telephone interview.

Baptized unto Moses in its new home, the cat would now well, after a few days of healing and taking antibiotics. “He has not been able to walk for five days. It was necessary to move it into its litter box so that he could make his needs, says Ms. Harvey. To the veterinary Clinic Paradise, he has been treated and neutered. It was like a Christmas gift!”

The head of the Survivors hairy Sag/Lake filed a complaint to the police. “Some people can’t keep their pet or can’t stand to see stray cats on their property and the trappent. The people responsible will bring them to a shelter, but there is a fee. It happens often to see cases like this. In 2018, that is unacceptable, with all the resources that we have!”

According to the criminal Code, anyone who is suffering unnecessarily to an animal, or even hurts or kills him, can be found guilty of an offence and liable to a maximum fine of$ 10,000 or to a term of imprisonment of 18 months, or both.

“Even if there are laws, it is difficult to enforce, says Suzanne Harvey. It takes evidence. People are afraid to denounce. I hope that in light of the sanctions, people will act more responsibly.”