A busy year for the coach of athletics Annie Potvin

Une année chargée pour l'entraîneuse d'athlétisme Annie Potvin

The year 2019 is likely to be very busy for Annie Potvin. Coach track and field a native of Alma will be including in July in Queretaro, Mexico, in the company of the canadian team for the north american Championships, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) U23 and U17, where at least five of his proteges will be in action.

The personnel for all the major competitions has been announced recently by the leadership of Athletics Canada. For Annie Potvin, it will be the second international experience after the Commonwealth Games, youth in 2017, the Bahamas. “I’m not so interested to go to the international scene. It’s just that my athletes are made there. It becomes more interesting and motivating. It is a beautiful challenge and a beautiful experience “, claims the former athlete of the heptathlon, which is attached to the staff of the club Dynamic of Laval in 2004.

In Mexico, under the direction of Christine Laverty, a native of Alma will be the responsibility of the combined events and the jumps in women. Normally, five of his proteges will participate in the international competition, including three children under the age of 17 years. A few other athletes would have been among women, but the busy schedule has made it so that they will be elsewhere on the globe. “This will be a big year with many competitions of the international level “, recalls Annie Potvin, noting that will be held simultaneously with the pan-american Games junior in Costa Rica and the world university FISU in Italy.

“It is a little confusing and complicated, but we aim for the highest. If they don’t have access, we will take the pan-american junior or CANAC U23, ” she says.

“As they are still junior age, we will look at their chances of potential medals. If the chances are better for the pan american, we will promote this event. The FISU, they still have four years to qualify, it is up to every two or three years. They will be able to make even more late, ” clarified Annie Potvin, giving the example of Tatiana Aholou, ranked 6th in the world indoor long jump in the under 20 years of age, as well as Chloe Royce, fifth outdoors in the heptathlon at the least 18 years of age.

“Having no university of Laval, or of the runway, it is really powerful,” said Annie Potvin with the third largest club in Quebec, with 125 members. The Games are held in Quebec in the summer of 2020 will add the infrastructure so that the construction of the track will begin in the spring. The athletes train currently at the Centre Claude-Robillard which leads to additional costs and logistics more important. Club of the year 2017, the organization of laval was again nominated last year, as Annie Potvin as a coach of the year, having been named the coach of development on three occasions in the past.



After his athletic career, emeritus, Annie Potvin knows just as much success as a coach. With several protected which are graduated to higher levels, particularly in american colleges, she starts thinking about a well deserved retirement.

The Almatoise has shone on the international scene in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s in the heptathlon, a discipline that brings together the seven rounds. To advance her career, she has left the region in 1982 and she retired in 1989, mainly because of injuries. One of his finest achievements remains a silver medal at the Pan american Games in Venezuela.

“It’s been a long time”, let it fall. After a break of a few years, she started as a coach, leaving the passage his teaching career to devote to it. “After that, I will go back maybe to the teaching when I decide that it is enough”, to invite Annie Potvin. In its tasks, it also makes the recruitment, all the more so since the introduction of a sports program. “There’s a lot of potential. It is necessary to detect them and also the interest in the sport”, insisting, Annie Potvin. The efforts related to the leaders of the program, residents with several athletes coming up through the ranks, which leads to separations that are difficult for Annie Potvin.

Four athletes, Tatiana Aholou (Kentucky), Chloe Royce (Maryland), Ashley Germain (recruited, but not of choice) and Jaymie O’connor (South Dakota State) are or will soon be part of a university program, american.

“This is not my goal, but for them, it is their dream. It is too bad because I build them and they go, but it is like that,” she says.

“It is not that I am tired, on the contrary. I do several activities related to athletics that interest me a lot. When your athletes go, it becomes demotivating. It is necessary to start again at the base with other, but the road is long”, telling the Almatoise, indicating that it was currently in the hands of great athletes 15 and 16 years old that it wants to help along the journey, which is likely to be his last group, ” she says.