4 medals for Sagym

4 médailles pour Sagym

The gymnasts male clubs Jako Jonquière and Sagym of Chicoutimi have earned podiums in the framework of the first Selection provincial held in Sherbrooke, on 14, 15 and 16 December.

Athletes Sagym have taken control of four medals and 14 ribbons (4th to 8th place). The coach, Carlos Rocha, said he was very pleased with the performance of his young athletes.

Among the prize-winners, Logan Munger (level 2C) won a gold medal in the jump, the silver in the pommel, as well as a 5th place on the parallel bars, placing it at 8th rank to the total of devices. Gabriel Lavoie (Level 2D) collects five ribbons including a 5th place on rings, two 7th place in the pommel and in the jump, as well as an 8th place on the ground for an 8th position, the total of devices.

Guillaume Néron (Level 3 U-13) won a bronze medal at the pommel, 4th on bars fixed and a 5th place on rings, which puts it at the 4th rank in the total of devices;

Mathis Fortin (Level 14), won gold at the fixed grab bars, a 4th place finish in the pommel and two 5th place on the rings and on the ground. These findings place the latter on the 5th rank to the total of devices.

The club Jako, Sébastien Vigneault, Justin and Nicolas Potvin began their competition season at the level 3 (13 and under). Note that Sébastien Vigneault has reached the 5th rank to the jump and Justin Potvin, a 7th place on the parallel bars. Their coaches Melissa Rush, Catherine Lalancette, Samuel Lemoignan and Alex Savard indicated that their gymnasts are in constant evolution and that they are working very hard to achieve their goals.”

Finally, please remember that the regional finals of the Jeux du Québec will take place at the club Jako de Jonquière on 26 and 27 January. It will determine the gymnasts who will represent the region in the Quebec Games in 2019 which will be held in Quebec city.



Several female athletes of the clubs of the Saguenay, Jako Jonquière and Sagym of Chicoutimi, fired their pin of the game when selecting provincial held in Lévis on the same end of the week. This step serves as qualification for the quebec Championship.

For the club Jako, the results were the following: Level Hope 1, Josiane Pedneault has won the silver medal on beam, in addition to take the 4th on the uneven bars and 6th place in jumping to conclude in the 4th to total devices. In level OJ-9 (14-15), Frédérique Vigneault has won the gold in jumping, the silver medal to the floor and a 5th place on beam. As for Anne Cyr, she finished 7th on the ground. In the same category, 16 years and over, Maria Cyr has taken the 4th place in jumping and 7th in the soil.

The club Sagym, Leonie Bérubé and Rébéka Savard were in action. Rébéka Savard has obtained an 8th place in the beam.

“The level is very strong in this category, we now know what to expect for the JO9 and we will be much stronger the next selection at Gymnix in the month of march, 2019”, has expressed Pascale Côté, head coach at the club Sagym.