2018 is a year of significant changes

2018, une année de changements significatifs

God knows that it was a question of the change in the provincial election, a concept which, come to think of it, sums up the cultural year in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. People who have experienced major transitions, in the same way that several organizations whose practices, as well as the staff, have shown signs of renewal.

The most remarkable case is that of Diffusion Saguenay. Phil Desgagné was the successor to Pierre Mazurette to the presidency, while Claude Simard, retired, which has led to the hiring of Isabelle Gagnon to the position of general manager. The desire to restore the bridges with the various actors in the cultural milieu has given its first fruits recently, as evidenced in the partnership with the troop Québec Issime and its founder, Robert Golden.

Another diffuser, the Side-Court for Jonquière, has successfully completed the repositioning initiated in the wake of the departure of the director general and artistic director Réjean Bouchard. After a period of uncertainty marked by experiences not always conclusive, the body directed by Dario Larouche has found its bearings. The song text is one of its anchors, which does not prevent him from flirting with the rock, the theatre and literature, when the opportunity arises.

It remains to be seen what will be the record of the restoration of the building that houses the Side-Court, for which it will seek support, including that of the City of Saguenay. Older than the church Saint-Dominique, its elegant neighbor, he accuses the weight of years and needs a lot of love. Gold, its walls of red brick are intimately related to the history of Jonquière.

On a similar registry, it is necessary to mention the work conducted in the chapel of St. Cyriac, she also back more than a century. It should be noted that this project was, to a large extent, the citizens ‘ committee, which organizes concerts at this place. These events are very popular have the proof, if any was needed, of the usefulness of the place of worship, even if mass attendance tends to decrease.

Speaking of venues, include the arrival of a new player at the centre of the city of Chicoutimi, The Cavô. It offers a programme that flirts happily with the left-hand field, either in the song or the humour. A little farther down on the rue Racine, the business people of the Saguenay have opened the Bistro Café Summum, one of the first guests was Dumas-form solo.



2018, une année de changements significatifs

Julie Lévesque has replaced Ariane Blackburn to the direction of the Farandoles.


Our time is forgetful, hence the interest to recall the departure of the director of the school of dance Farandoles, Julia Blackburn. For more than 40 years, this woman has ensured the smooth running of the organization, in addition to sharing his love of folk dance, which remains one of the specialties of the house. His last act before taking a hard-earned retirement, was planning his estate, taken by Julie Lévesque.

For ordinary mortals, however, Ariane Blackburn remain forever associated with the great performances, such as Ecce Mundo and Paris Follies. This adventure began modestly in the shadow of the Carnaval-Souvenir de Chicoutimi, before becoming one of the pillars of the tourist offer saguenay region to the sides of The Fabulous history of a Kingdom, and of the productions of the troupe Québec Issime.

The Quartet Saguenay, during this time, it is an arrival that has been formalized at the beginning of 2018, the violinist Marie Bégin. It was the successor to Laura Andriani and brings a youthful look to the training, which corresponds to the wish expressed by his new comrades. As soon as installed in the Saguenay, the young woman from Quebec has distinguished itself by reaching the final round of the international Contest of violin Isaac Stern, held in Shanghai.

The change has also affected the two events, who give the mission of making known the music of elsewhere. It is as well as the international Festival of Rhythms of the World offered several paid performances on the port Area of Chicoutimi, one of which is excellent, Wyclef Jean. To Alma, the Tam Tam Macadam has released a new venue, adjacent to the outdoor stage of the rue Collard. The group Mosaic, supported by the musician Surojit, from Bengal, was the first to produce.

On the scene country, one of the most popular artists of the region, the Jeannois Luc Boulianne, gave his last performance in 2018. Demand remained robust, but he wanted to concentrate on writing songs. At the same time, this artist friendly felt arrived at the crossroads. He would have needed a hand to bring his career to a higher level, instead of assuming himself responsibilities such as ” booking “.

And to return to the world of dance, it is important to mention the honor that the Bolshoi gave the Jeannois Guillaume Côté. He, whose international career is flourishing for almost 20 years, had never set foot on the legendary stage. However, not only has he succeeded in his entry in the ballet Romeo and Juliet, but the direction has been invited to return. It is proof that at age 37, the son of the most illustrious of Lac-à-la-Croix remains at the top of his art.